OptiMALE™ - 3 C-Ring Set Thick - Black

OptiMALE™ - 3 C-Ring Set Thick - Black
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    Optimize your experience with these silicone cock rings! The OptiMALE Thin C-Ring Set offers enhanced size and girth with three rings in 32mm, 37mm, and 42mm diameters. These rings are ultra-stretchable for easy use around the shaft or testicles, maintaining those long-lasting erections you’ve always dreamed of, and prolonging your ejaculation.

    Product Features

    •3 C-Ring Set
    •Sizes: 32mm, 37mm, 42mm Diameters
    •Soft, Stretchable Silicone
    •Enhances Size and Girth
    •Prolongs Ejaculation
    •Helps Maintain Long-lasting Erections
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